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Enrolling at Blue Mountains Grammar School

To enrol your child, please complete and return the Application for Enrolment Form, which can be downloaded here.

Students on the waiting list are contacted when vacancies become available.

Each student on the waiting list attends an interview with the Headmaster. When enrolment is offered, a non-refundable Registration Fee is payable, to confirm the enrolment.


Enrolment Criteria

Blue Mountains Grammar School is a non-selective, Anglican, co-educational day school for students in Transition (four years of age) to Year 12. A copy of a student’s most recent School report is obtained, at time of interview, to establish:

(a) class placement
(b) learning support if required
(c) extension programmes if required

In the event of any learning difficulties advised by the student’s parents, or alluded to in a school report, a Paediatric or Psychometric (i.e. WISC III) report should be requested and advice from the School’s Learning Support staff must be sought prior to enrolment being offered. The recommendations made on any of these reports should be addressed in any offer of enrolment. Students are not offered placement if an academic report is not provided.

All students must attend an interview with the Headmaster and the Registrar prior to enrolment being offered. If the Headmaster is unavailable, the interview for senior school enrolments must be conducted by the Registrar with one of the Deputy Heads and, in the case of students enrolling in either of the Junior campuses, the interview must be conducted by the Registrar and the Head of the respective Junior campus. All families attending an interview are offered the opportunity to tour the School and its grounds. No student can be interviewed without a parent/guardian present. A non-refundable Registration Fee applies to all students enrolling at Blue Mountains Grammar School. A maximum of two Registration Fees can be received from a family, provided all children from that family attend the School at the same time.

Families are given a period of four weeks from the date of interview to pay the Registration Fee. The only exception to this allowance is if the student is due to commence immediately, in which case the Registration Fee must be paid immediately.

Enrolment Procedure

An enrolment cannot proceed without a duly completed Application for Admission Form. The Application for Admission Form cannot be processed without the signatures of both parents/guardians. Where a student is residing with only one of his/her natural parents, as a result of separation or divorce, the School requires copies of all documentation pertaining to Parenting Orders, Residence Orders, Contact Orders, Interim Orders or Specific Orders. This requirement also applies to weekend arrangements. The Application for Admission Form must be accompanied by a document confirming birth details, i.e. birth certificate, an official extract of the birth certificate or a passport.

The Enrolment procedures are as follows:

  1. Lodgement of Application for Admission Form with the Registrar’s office.
  2. A written invitation to attend an interview is issued to those families whose children can be accommodated. These interviews will be, for secondary school enrolments, with both the Registrar and the Headmaster; with the Registrar and the Head of Junior School (for Years T to 6 at the Wentworth Falls campus) or with the Registrar and the Head of Preparatory School (for Years T to 4 at the Valley Heights campus). A learning profile form is forwarded with this correspondence. In the case of students entering the Junior and Preparatory Schools, a student’s immunisation record should be viewed at interview.
  3. Interview is then conducted, include tour if required.
  4. Interviews are held in the year preceding the desired year of entry. As a general guide, students on the waiting lists for enrolment in the Secondary campus are interviewed during Semester I and students on the waiting lists for enrolment in the Junior campuses are interviewed during Semester II.
  5. Letter of offer forwarded, stating due date of Registration Fee (four weeks from date of interview)
  6. When the Registration Fee is received, enrolment has been confirmed. If a Registration Fee is not payable, for example in such instances of multiple siblings, enrolment is confirmed by letter.


  1. If a student requires special learning support, enrolment cannot proceed without due consultation with Learning Support staff and the parents of the child concerned.
  2. If Registration Fee has not been received by due date, a maximum of two reminder notices are given prior to the enrolment application being cancelled.

Enrolment of a Student Already Enrolled at Another AHISA School

Any family seeking enrolment of a child already enrolled at an AHISA-affiliated School, must advise their current school of their notice to withdraw prior to BMGS offering enrolment. An interview can be conducted, however, an offer of placement cannot be made without the current school having received notice. If a student is currently enrolled at an AHISA school, BMGS must lodge a Student Transfer Form with that school, and await a signature from the Head of that School, prior to offering enrolment at BMGS.
Parents are to be made aware of this protocol at time of initial contact with BMGS.

Religious Affiliation

Students are not required to be of the Anglican faith, however if a student is not of the Anglican faith and wishes to proceed with an enrolment, they must be made aware of the Religious ethos and programme within the School and advised, prior to the School accepting the Registration Fee, that no students are exempt from this programme.

Students From Overseas

A separate fee schedule is available from the Bursar’s office for full fee-paying overseas students. (Overseas students do not receive any Government funding). Copies of the visa on which the student is in the country must be obtained prior to enrolment. All other enrolment procedures remain the same, however in the case of providing proof of date of birth details, the front page of the passport may be accepted in place of a birth certificate. Students not on a permanent or temporary Resident visa must be registered online with DETYA and the Department of Immigration in Canberra. Visa types such as student visa, temporary visa or tourist visa must be processed through the Department of Immigration. Be advised that such students will require medical insurance as part of the registration procedure.

Withdrawal of a Student – Adequate Notice

A period of one term’s notice is required for any family wishing to withdraw their child. Notice is not required for a student completing Year 12. Holiday periods do not constitute adequate notice. Notice of withdrawal is required in writing, to the Headmaster of the School. In accordance with the Registration requirements of the School, notice of withdrawal should include advice of the intended plans for the ongoing education of the student. This information, although desirable, is not legally required if a student is over the age of 16 years.

The information is recorded on the Registrar’s Report. An exit interview will be carried out with families who withdraw their children prior to completion of Year 12. Preferably, this would be conducted as an interview with either the Headmaster or the Head of Junior School or the Head of Preparatory School as appropriate. If no reason is given for a student to be withdrawn, or if the family refuses the invitation of an exit interview at which such information can be gleaned, the Registrar’s Office must contact the Home School Liaison Officer with the Penrith office of the Department of Education and Training ((02) 4724 8799) and provide this officer with the student’s name, age and last known address.

The School Council, through the Headmaster, may at any time require the removal from the School, permanently or temporarily, of any pupil if, in their absolute discretion, the Council and the Headmaster deem such action advisable either in the interest of the pupil or for the good of the School or if the parent or guardian is not complying with the policies and practices of the School. No remission of fees will apply in such cases.

Places at School

Students are placed on the waiting list for the desired year of entry and each application is processed by date of receipt of application.

If you would like to download a full copy of the BMGS Enrolment Policy you can do so by clicking here.