2019 HSC Results - Congratulations Year 12!

Students in Year 12 2019 have achieved a magnificent set of Higher School Certificate results, very much in keeping with the excellent standards consistently recorded by our students over many years. We are proud of the way they have worked throughout their years at the School. The culture of thinking and learning they have fostered, together with the resilience and work ethic they have developed, will hold them in great stead for life. Many have of them have achieved well beyond their expectations. 

In the Sydney Morning Herald Honour Roll of Band 6 students (students who gained a mark of 90 or more in a 2 Unit course, or 45 or more in an Extension or 1 Unit course) BMGS gained 27 mentions from 18 students, in 16 out of 37 HSC courses studied at the School. This equates to 25% of the students in Year 12 gaining at least one Band 6 or Extension E4 result. Equally noteworthy is that, overall, 79% of our Year 12 cohort achieved one or more Band 5 or 6 result. 

A number of courses have recorded several times the state averages of students in the top Bands. These are outstanding achievements for a non-selective school that caters for a broad range of students’ academic interests.

The courses in which students have performed particularly strongly included English Extension 1 and 2, Biology, Physics, Music 1, History Extension and Mathematics, including 2 Unit and Extension 1courses, achieving Band 6 (or E4) results. Almost every subject reflected results above state averages, and all KLAs can be seen to be working to provide all our students with excellent opportunities to “value-add” to their marks.

A number of students’ practical works were nominated for inclusion in various HSC showcases. In particular, Miriam Cooney who was nominated for both the Drama showcase Onstage for her individual performance, as well as her Music 2 performance for the Music Showcase, Encore; James Barrell’s Drama Individual Performance was nominated for inclusion in OnStage, and Annabelle Huston’s Music 1 performance was nominated for inclusion in Encore. 

As a School we acknowledge and celebrate the efforts of this fantastic group of young men and women. We wish them all the very best for their life beyond school. As a group they have demonstrated a strong commitment to achieving their very best, and they have not limited this to academia, but have maintained a strong commitment to a range of sporting, debating, advocacy, musical and performance-based activities. They have continued to lead the School in a range of service opportunities within the community and further afield.

We are proud of the Year 12 2019 class, and look forward to hearing of further successes in the years ahead!

The School will publish a more detailed analysis of the 2019 HSC results in our HSC Review in February.